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School Let's Out Tomorrow!

2015-06-11 21:39:45 by Dragonman609

Hello everyone, 

I haven't posted since January 25th, 2015, so I've been getting my grades up so I don't go to summer school.

So I have new and upcoming videos coming soon to Dragonman609. So I'll upload later on tonight.

Haven't Posted in a While!

2015-01-24 00:21:43 by Dragonman609

Sup it's Dragon, 

I haven't posted in a while, almost two years now and I'm so sorry about that.

I have a little update for everyone, I have some animations coming out but I have to find a software to use.

So expect to see some.

In all; 

Seth Madison

New Videos !

2013-06-06 21:58:07 by Dragonman609

Hey all my Dragons I'm starting to make new videos so get ready to see more improved videos so get ready to see them :) See you in the videos :D